Now is the best time to see it! The road of light at Miyajidake Shrine

The road of light that suddenly became famous in the national district in the CM of Japan Airlines where the popular group "Arashi" appeared. This path of light can be seen twice a year from Miyajidake Shrine in Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture.


The time is around the 20th of February and October every year, and when the setting sun connects straight to the torii gate and the approach to the shrine, a path of light that connects the shrine, the coast, and Ainoshima island with a straight line of light appears.



There are two ways to see this road of light.


One is to apply for a special prayer for the sunset festival (5,000 yen per person for the first ear) sponsored by Miyajidake Shrine. This requires advance reservations, and those who apply can view it in a special seat after receiving the prayer on the day.


Another way is to line up on the slope next to the stairs on the approach to get the admission ticket that will be distributed from 14:00 on the day. There is a limit to the number of people here, but you can watch it for free without reservation.



If you want to view by the first method, make a reservation in advance, apply at the reception that starts at 3:00 pm on the day, and then wait in the prayer waiting room. The prayer begins at 4 pm, after receiving a prayer from the priesthood, after receiving tea entertainment in the large Japanese-style hall with a view called Kaiunden, move to the special bleachers from 5 pm and before 6 pm The setting sun sets in.


You can move to the bleachers and hear a very interesting story from the priest of the shrine until the sunset, so please enjoy it as well.



When the road of light appears, the big drum in the shrine precincts rings. It feels like you're in a very fantastic space-time.


Why don't you visit Miyajidake Shrine for a trip to meet the road of light and to see the scenery only at this time?


Miyajidake Shrine

7-1 Miyaji Motomachi, Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture 811-3309



Miyajidake Shrine (Miyajidake Shrine) is a shrine located in Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Empress Jingu is the main deity, and Katsumura Okami and Katsuyori Okami are enshrined. It is the head office of Miyajidake Shrines nationwide. More than 2.2 million worshipers visit each year, especially on the third day of the new year, more than 1 million people. It is known as a shrine of good luck business prosperity. In the Munakata region, there are many worshipers along with the Munakata Taisha Shrine, and Shimenawa, which is said to be the largest in Japan, and the big drum and large bell are also famous. Many souvenir shops are lined up along the approach to the shrine, and many shops sell beckoning cats and daruma dolls in honor of their prosperous business. In addition, "Matsugae Mochi" is on sale. On the surface of the mochi, there is the Shinto crest of Miyajidake Shrine, the third floor pine crest.



In addition, at midnight (the first day of the dawn) at the end of every month, a so-called "Sakuhi-miri" is held, and many worshipers rush in even at midnight. Therefore, many stores are open and restaurants are also open. Of the approach roads, the westward approach that leads from the stone steps in front of the shrine called "Otokozaka" to Miyajihama through Monzen-cho and overlooks Ainoshima is a straight road that stretches for about 800m. At the Autumn Festival in September, the Mikamiko procession will make a round trip by ox cart along this approach. In addition, there are two periods of sunset in the year (late February and late October) on the extension of this approach, and the sight of this sunset and the approach lined up in a straight line is the storm that aired in February 2016. It became famous after the CM of Japan Airlines that appeared, and it came to be called "The Road of Light". At this time, the "Sunset Festival" is held, and the stairs on the approach road are closed for use as bleachers. There is a slope connecting the precincts and the approach to the shrine just beside the stone steps "Otokozaka", which is called "Onnazaka" and is used for various vehicles, the aforementioned ox carts, and worshipers. In 2010, a part of the roof was repaired to become a soft golden majestic roof, but a titanium roof is adopted, which is a typical example of adopting the latest technology in traditional architecture. (Construction by Ono Kogyosho, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal TranTixxii Titanium)



The founding of Miyajidake Shrine is said to date back about 1600 years, and it is said that the long-sleeved Hibiki (Empress Jingu) set up an altar on the top of Mt. Miyaji and set sail to pray. The current precincts are located on the hillside of Mt. Miyaji, which is said to have an altar. At the summit of Mt. Miyajidake, there is a shrine of Miyajidake Shrine and a place of worship at sunrise.