Takasumi Shrine, the power spot of Mt. Hikosan

Next to Hikosan Jingu is the Buzenbo Takasumi Shrine, one of the nearby branch shrines.


Until the Meiji government's policy of separating Shinto and Buddhism, Shinto and Buddhism were mixed, and the company name was called Buzenbo until the Edo period.


Hikosan Jingu is a shrine that covers the entire mountain of Hikosan, and is dotted with Kamimiya, Chugū, Shimomiya, Hoheiden, Takasumi Shrine, and Tamaya Shrine.



As you go up the approach, you will be greeted by "Tengu Cedar", a sacred tree that is 850-900 years old, and it feels like a power spot.


The main shrine is in front of the huge rock, and behind the worship hall, the main shrine is built into the huge rock.


Personally, I like this one more than Hikosan Jingu. it's recommended.


I visited this time in August, but it is said that the autumn leaves are very wonderful in autumn, so it is a perfect place to experience autumn and walk.


Next, we will climb from the entrance of Takasumi Shrine to the point called Boundai.


Hikosan Buzenbo Takasumi Shrine

(27, Hikosan, Soeda-cho, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka)



The main deity of Takasumi Shrine is Toyohiwake No Mikoto, which is said to be the deity that personalized the areas of Buzen and Bungo.


It has one aspect of the god of agriculture, which is the basis of nation-building such as five-grain fertility and cow and horse safety, and according to one theory, it is the same god as Sarutahiko God.


However, more famous than this main deity is the Buzenbo tengu, which is one of the eight major tengu in Japan and is considered to be the head of the tengu in Kyushu, and is enshrined as one of the pillars of the deity in this shrine. Mt. Hiko, where the shrine is located, is the best training ground for Shugendo in Kyushu, and it is thought that it was considered a sacred place for tengu to live in.


Buzenbo is said to use his tengu to punish those who are greedy by kidnapping their children or setting fire to their homes, and to those who are righteous to listen to their wishes and protect themselves. ..