Welcome to Torinji Tenmangu Shrine

History of Torinji Tenmangu Shrine

In 1695, Arima Yorimoto, the fourth feudal lord of the Kurume Domain, was able to obtain the long-desired issue of Mamoru Chikugo and the position of Chamberlain of Japan. Moreover, in 1701 he was allowed to be a samurai of the nominative case for the first time.


Since the great wishes were fulfilled in this way, we built Torinji Temple, a prayer place under the direct control of the Kurume feudal lord, with the meaning of gratitude and gratitude. Then, in 1752, the Torinji Tenmangu Shrine was built with the statue of Sugawara no Michizane, who was said to have been made by himself, which was treasured at Musashiji Temple in Chikushino City, Fukuoka Prefecture.


Welcome home.

A guardian forest, a sanctuary protected by eight million gods.


It is full of strong vitality, from one tree to one grass, and gently envelops the visitors.



This shrine enshrines Tenjin-sama (Sugawara no Michizane).


・ Wishes come true

・ Home safety

・ Traffic safety

・ Pray for passing the exam

・ Wish to meet good people

Occasionally and pray

What do you wish and pray for at the milestones of your life?


・ New Year's visit

・ Baby's first visit

・Celebration of Shichigosan

・ Yakudoshi

・ 60th birthday celebration