The remains of the Koradai camp where German POWs spent

In 1911, a barracks were built around Torinji Tenmangu Shrine, where troops who came to the Army exercises stayed.


During World War I (1914-1918), 296 German POWs were brought here and housed in the Koradai Barracks.


The photo was taken at Kurume Camp on January 27, 1915.


Various cultural activities by prisoners of war took place in the camp. The only prisoners of war forced by camp authorities were one roll call each morning and evening. Other than that, prisoners of war were allowed free activity, and one prisoner wrote in his diary that "the biggest enemy in the camp was boring."



German POWs lived in the town for about four years until the end of the war and returned to Japan one after another, but about 20 remained in Japan and 11 died in the camp.