Japan's annual penis festival of shinto is as phallic.

Japan's annual penis festival of shinto is as phallic as you'd expect: The Kanamara Matsuri.

Although Kanayama Shrine was founded to enshrine the god of blacksmiths, the practice of offering prayers by maid servants from Kawasaki-juku Station during the Edo Period (1603-1868) became the roots of what eventually became the Kanamara Matsuri.
It is said that the shrine provides the blessings of business prosperity, fertility, safe and easy delivery, marriage, and marital harmony. In recent years, the Kanamara Matsuri has become internationally famous as a festival for warding off AIDS as well. The festival is held annually on the first Sunday of April, in a season in which you can feel the fresh breath of spring. We sincerely invite you to join with us to give thanks for the workings of nature with which Heaven has blessed us, enjoy some boisterous laughter, and pray for happiness in the coming year.